“I’m with her,” Empowering or Confusing?


History will be made in the United States of America next Tuesday, no matter what the outcome of the presidential elections turns out to be. A female candidate made it this far! A lot about Hillary Clinton being a candidate in the 2016 presidential race is uncommon and new.

Let’s start first by the fact, that it is a novelty in the American presidential history for a woman to be elected by a major party. Clinton campaign slogan structure “I’m with her” is also quite different from anything we have ever seen in the past. No party nominee since Dwight Eisenhower, has ever utilized the first person. It is indeed a bold move and a declaration for what is to come if you vote for her; female empowerment?

You would think that the most powerful country in the world would already have had a woman as president by now just like Germany or Brazil. But, no. Ironically, the U.S, a superpower is still playing catch up.

Clinton campaign slogan emphasizes on the female pronoun to forge a first step in the American history as no woman has ever been the leader of the free world. Also, using a female pronoun sets the target on all American women to vote for Clinton. But what about those women who do not want to vote for her, does that make them “anti-feminists”? or is it simply that Clinton’s policies and values do not allure to all women. So they want to vote for a woman but just not this woman.

Yet again, including a female pronoun in a slogan is quite risky as it might appear to the public that Clinton is playing the “gender card” to appeal to a large number of voters steering the focus away from the actual matter. One of clinton’ many fights and principals is to put an end to gender inequality, but paradoxically, voting for a candidate just because she is a woman isn’t that a veracious image of sexism?

But”Im with her” also appears as a message and a mirror to the values that Clinton defends. Her slogan is a claim to break gender barriers and glass celling, and to gather a significant portion of male voters as well. But wouldn’t that give them the opposite impression as if she is making a gender division, focusing more on women’s issues than men’s. And isn’t that the contrary of what feminism values stand for, that is to say gender EQUALITY.

President Obama described on Tuesday, Clinton as “a victim of sexism and that she is being scrutinized unfairly in general because she’s a woman” reported by The Washington Times.

Clinton’ electoral campaign is a vicious cycle no matter from what lens you look at it.


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