Feminist Bloggers


Feminism Activism, is a blog that explores gender issues and what could be done to overcome gender inequality in the world. This blog is designed as a forum of discussion, which I think is a great engaging technique as it gives the opportunity to other people from all around the world to interact and share their opinion and intakes on all kinds of issues regarding gender.

Feminism Activism contains an “about” section, in which the author of the blog provides a background of herself to the readers, talking about her educational and professional experiences, as well as her obsessions, topics she is passionate about, and her dedication towards feminism and the reason why she decided to pursue this career.

The blog also has sections such as greatest hits with all her projects and articles that she wrote, latest discussions and a twitter scroll. The author uses effective tools such as photos and graphs. The blog also includes a tag archives with gender issues of each country. The blog has a Spain tag archive on different matters such as street harassment, and women’s activism. The tone of voice that the author undertake in her articles is subjective and emotional, as we can clearly understand that gender inequality is a subject extremely close to her interest and that she is extremely dedicated into solving.

The blog clearly do not target only women, but rather invites all kinds of readers to engage into the issue of gender equality by raising awareness on that matter through the articles written. The blog has a total visitors of 411,030.


Girls globe is a blog that discusses issues related to women’s rights and health all around the world. The blog is led my women writers, which goal is to reinforce youth’s voices and raise awareness on important matters related to women and girls in different countries of the world.

Girls globe uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram…etc. as an engaging technique to attract readers. The blog has become a global network with an national and international target audience.

The blog is divided into sections from which, the reader can choose to read articles or watch videos on different topics regarding women’s rights such as gender equality, gender violence, economics & politics, and so on. It has also sections that provide introductions on the authors of the blog, in order for the reader to know more about them and what is the driven force behind their engagement in the subject of women’s rights.

The reader can also find a podcast & videos section, live coverage, recent posts, top hits, women who inspire…etc. Girls globe is a very engaging blog as it gives a sense of belonging to the reader as it permits to anyone to join their network and participate in their mission to educate people on women’s rights and health, which I think is a very effective and smart technique. Also while reading the blog, you can find powerful quotes all around, which I think shed light even more on the matter and gives more force and makes it more realistic. The blog has 3,838 followers.


Mujeres en red is a Spanish blog that focuses on women’s rights and gender inequality issues in Spain. It is designed as a feminist magazine, in which the reader can find various themes related to gender issues. The website contains videos, briefs, books related to gender history, discrimination, violence, sexism, women’s rights …etc. There is a twitter and Facebook scroll. The tone of voice of the authors of this blog is quite subjective as it is a feminist website and thus biased towards women’s issues. The target market seems to be for women and more precisely feminists that are touched by the problem that female face in the public and private life. The blog is well organized as it is divided into categories of themes, agenda, articles, videos…etc. Mujeres en red has 23,182 followers.


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