My name is Rabab Talal.

I was born and raised in Morocco, a country in North Africa and more precisely in Casablanca a.k.a the “white city.”

Introduced to the western culture at a very young age, I was immersed in the French educational milieu since i was three and identify myself with two cultural identities: Arab and Western.

I had a deep interest for gender equality and women’s rights for┬álong as I can remember. I grew up in a family of feminists. I first learned about the notion of “feminism” from my father, who is a journalist, politician, and author of books related to Arab feminism. Witnessing the feminism values on a daily basis through the women of my family; my allurement for it increased with time.

After reading the book “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir, I felt completely drawn to the cause of women’s rights.

My top three female inspirations are: Queen Rania of Jordan, Benazir Bhutto, and Malala Yousafzai; who represent brilliantly the progress of Women in the Muslim world.

I’m always eager to be informed about women’s rights in other areas of the world. I’m fascinated by other cultures and never miss an occasion to learn about them and it is probably where my passion for traveling originates from. For me the best recipe for education and grasping as much knowledge as possible is by exploring the world we live in. I’m constantly driven by wanderlust. While I’m discovering another country, I’m always curious to know the role, image and rights of women in that specific place.

I would like to contribute to women’s advancement as much as possible; starting by improving the condition of women in my country.

I’m a strong believer of female empowerment, hoping that one day gender equality will be achieved worldwide.